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MovingHow To Submit Articles: 3 Titles That Work!

December 3, 2018by was73100

Anyone who has ever tried to sell a house (or been in the market to buy a house) knows how important curb appeal is. Did you know that a person’s strongest impression of your house is when they are at the curb, just looking at the outside of the house?

Depending on how the house and landscaping look, the potential house buyer can either get a feeling of anticipation that draws them to want to see the inside of the house, or they can feel the sudden urge to run away screaming.

Just as the appearance of a house can either draw a viewer in or scare them away, so the title of your article submission can lure a reader to read your full article or cause them to pass it over.

That is why it’s absolutely essential to spend some time on your article’s "curb appeal"–the title.

Here are 3 article marketing tips about types of titles that are great at luring a reader in from the curb.

1 – The newspaper style headline.

Most headlines from newspapers are characterized by a "just the facts", informational feel. An example would be:

"Children Who Don’t Watch Television Are More Physically Fit"

The reason why this type of title is effective is that the information displayed in the title is captivating enough to draw a reader in. The information may also be controversial or surprising. The reader may look at the title and be shocked, skeptical or intrigued.

If you have any statistics to back up your claim, try putting them in the title, for example:

"People Who Eat Oranges Score 15% Higher On IQ Tests"

2 – A title that asks a question.

Put yourself in the shoes of your reader–what question would a person be asking that would lead them to your article? Use that question as your title.

This can also be a great technique for coming up with article ideas–think about the questions that people interested in your niche might be wondering, and then write articles to satisfy those questions.

If you’re not sure what types of questions your target readers are thinking, do some basic keyword research. Very commonly, people will type questions into Google, and you can use those questions as topics for your articles.

Also, if you know about a topic in your niche that most of your readers aren’t clear about or haven’t heard of before, then that can be a very educational article topic. For example:

"Is Your Newborn Sleep Deprived?"

Imagine if a parent saw that article title–would he or she be interested? You bet!

By asking the question, it naturally elicits an answer. If the reader’s answer is "I don’t know", then they will naturally want to read the…


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