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MovingHow to Use Feng Shui to Attract a Committed Romantic Relationship

November 2, 2018by was73100

If you want to meet the man or woman of your dreams this year then you should seriously consider using the principles of Feng Shui, the ancient art of aesthetics that aims to attract good vibrations or luck into the lives of people. Many people think that Feng Shui is just good at attracting wealth and materials possessions The truth is, it is s system that can enhance the life of an individual, in all aspects.

If you want a committed relationship, this ancient art can definitely help you. Just follow the tips below, and love will surely find its way to your doorstep.

1. Remove clutter from your bedroom. Clutter can affect your love life. Yes, it may sound like a far out idea but you’ll understand the connection once you read more about Feng Shui principles. The presence of clutter can block the flow of good chi or positive energy that brings with it wealth, happiness and love. On a psychological level, removing clutter from your bedroom will alleviate stress and can make you feel more relaxed.

2. Make your bedroom good for two. Even of you are currently single, it will do your love life good if you will make your bedroom appear as if it is being shared by couple. This will attract love into your life and will condition your mind to be open to having a partner. If you are a guy, you may want to hide your collection of action figures or at least put them in another room.

3. Put symbols of a happy relationship in your bedroom. This means that nothing in your bedroom should represent loneliness or solitude. Always have two of everything: two candles, two flower vases, two chairs, etc. Doing this will make you more receptive to love and relationships.

These are just some of the things that you can do to use Feng Shui to attract a committed romantic relationship.


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