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MovingHow to Use Snake Repellents

March 28, 2019by was73100

If you have a snake problem in your home then the correct use of a solar snake repellent could help you to stop any future snake problems on your property. A snake repeller works to remove and discourage snakes from living in, and moving around on your property. It is designed in a humane way that is beneficial for your family and the snakes themselves. Snakes move to where they can find a suitable hidden habitat and where they can easily access food. For many snakes the garden environment or even places inside a house can provide all the shelter and food that they need. This can be both dangerous for the snake and any humans also living in the same area with them. It can be almost impossible to tell when a snake enters the home which makes it very dangerous when you find them unexpectedly.

Snakes are not all naturally aggressive, some will not attack a human just because they are near; but there are snake species that will choose to do this. The instinct of a snake, for the most part, is to flee any danger; especially when the danger is in the form of a much larger person entering their nest. The danger will be present if their nest is disturbed and they have to defend themselves by striking out or if the snake is of an aggressive breed. Most snakes will go unnoticed in the home environment but with some aggressive or venomous breeds they will instinctively attack humans even if they are not under any significant threat. Snake repellents are designed to stop any attacks taking place by preventing snakes from entering gardens and homes where they are likely to encounter a person.

How to guard your home

During the summer months in particular snakes are commonly seen in the home and garden of many areas where they naturally live. Attacking them or scaring them away is always dangerous as they may choose to attack; installing a snake repellent device or multiple repellers is an easier and safer way to stop them getting too close. The solar snake repeller can be placed in your garden or around your property to stop a snake entering an in some cases make them leave if they have already nested.

The device, which with most brands is designed to look like a common solar light, is an excellent deterrent if used correctly. The repeller will create a steady pulse of vibrations that the snakes can feel in the ground. The ultrasonic vibrations disturb the ground in a way only the snakes can sense and make your garden an unsuitable place for snakes to settle. While you will not be able to feel the vibrations, with the correct amount of sunlight charging the solar snake repeller the snakes will be greatly discouraged from moving around on the ground and hiding in the bushes around your home.

Correct use of the solar snake repellent

The repeller itself is a small device that is around the same size and shape as a garden solar light. It’s positioning is key to achieving the best results and keeping any unwanted snakes away all together. Due to the nature of the device you can’t place it inside your home but surrounding your garden with this amazing gadget should prevent them covering the ground between any bordering land and your house. It is especially effective if you can identify the specific area where the most snakes have been seen. Placing a repeller there will help to stop any returning snakes from nesting in your garden again.

The repellent can be used all year round in countries like Australia and America to ward off snakes and generally works with all the different varieties of snake. This includes both common garden snakes, venomous snakes and snakes that are specific to the area where you live. Placing them in the areas where you frequent often and near to any bushes or hedges that would make good hiding spots will keep snakes away from your family, friends and pets. The repeller needs little maintenance but making sure that it remains undamaged and that it receives a good level of sunlight will ensure that your home continues to be snake free.

Source by Neil Brian Mellon

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