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MovingImpacted Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedures – Knowing Them Helps Reduce Your Fears

October 11, 2018by was73100

Normally people get wisdom (we mean wisdom teeth) between the ages of 16 to 24 years. Wisdom teeth are the last ones in molar grinding teeth set. Many people are found never to have these teeth at all, while quite a few develop these teeth at much later years beyond 30s also.

In cases where these wisdom teeth are found to be emerging in the later years, the jaw line would not have enough space for them to grow and hence sometimes remain buried or grow right under the skin of gums. Such cases are referred to as impacted wisdom teeth.

Such impacted wisdom teeth can create problems by retention of food particles causing gum inflammation. Further this situation may get aggravated leading to infection with swelling, pain etc. First course of treatment involves administering of antibiotics. However the problem can subside and re emerge again after a while. Therefore permanent cure of this problem lies in surgical removal of wisdom tooth by following procedures called as Wisdom Tooth Extraction or surgical removal of wisdom teeth.

This minor procedure can be carried out in the Dentist’s clinic or in the hospital. Generally the procedure consists of administering a local anesthesia which will make the entire gums area numb and one does not feel anything at all during the surgery. In certain cases, if you undergo procedure in a dental hospital, you may undergo the procedure with general anesthesia wherein one looses consciousness of self and remains unconscious all through the procedure.

The extraction process involves first cleaning the spot and removing the soft gum skin covering the teeth. If there is any jaw bone seen to be covering the teeth, the same may also be sawed off. After cutting and separating the tissues attached with the teeth, they can be extracted either as a whole or further broken into pieces if the size is too big and removed one by one. On complete removal of the teeth, the jaw tissues are stitched up again and cleaned and sprayed to clean up the area. This entire procedure normally takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Doctors normally prefer to extract one tooth at a time in one sitting, however if the surgery goes smoothly they may also finish the job by extracting the entire set of two teeth at one given time.

Post surgery you will start getting the sense of feeling back in a couple of hours. Post surgery recovery involves prescribed routine of antibiotics, pain killers and anti septic solutions and mouth wash with cleaning instructions.

Impacted teeth removal procedures are simple outpatient…


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