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MovingImportance of Gulika (Mandi) in a Horoscope

March 26, 2019by was73100

Gulika, which is also known as Mandi is the son of Planet Saturn. Though it is a sub-planet it has great influence in a horoscope. Gulika is said to be SARVA HANTHARE (destroyer of all).

Generally speaking only astrologers from Kerala (southern state of India) calculate the position of Gulika in a Horoscope. Some say it is due to that reason predictions of Kerala astrologers are more accurate. People from other states visit Kerala only to get astrological consultation.

Gulika is the most malefic among the sub-planet, especially when it is associated with Saturn. If Gulika is combined with a benefic planet, that planet will lose its good qualities and if Gulika is combined with a malefic planet, that planet’s bad qualities will increase two fold. It will also affect the house in which it occupies and the lord of the house also. But however if it occupies 11th house, it is said to produce good results.

Birth of Gulika

During Tretha Yuga when lanka was ruled by Ravan, he ordered all the planets to sit in the 11th house (the most auspicious house) of his son – Indrajith when he was about to be born. Fearing Ravan all the planet sat in the 11th house but Shani moved to 12th house (the most inauspicious house) just before he was born and Indrajith had all the other planets in 11th house except Shani in 12th house. Ravan outraged by this cut Shani’s feet and Gulika is said to be the broken feet of Shani.

Effects of Gulika in different houses

In 1st house – Suffering from Various diseases and health issues.

In 2nd house- Destruction to wealth, frequent quarrels with relatives

In 3rd house- Bad effects to brothers and sisters.

In 4th house- Accidents due to vehicles and four legged animals, will be deprived of a house and bad effects to mother.

In 5th house- No or Bad children, will lack intelligence and loss due to gambling.

In 6th house – Trouble from Enemies

In 7th house-Bad effects to wife, will bring bad name to family.

In 8th house- Early death

In 9th house- Bad luck.

In 10th house- Problems at work

In 11th house- Profit, Good luck, good children, intelligence and comforts

In 12th house-Miser, always in debts.

Conjunction of Gulika with other planets

With Sun – Bad effects to Father

With Moon – Bad effects to Mother

With Mars – Bad effects to Brother

With Mercury- Mental sickness

With Jupiter – Wicked.

With Venus – Adultery, Prostitution.

With Saturn – The worst combination, it will create a series of problems

With Rahu – Food poisoning, illness of death due to poison

With Ketu – Fire Burn, problems due to fire

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