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MovingInstalling Your Replacement Windows

November 10, 2018by was73100

When choosing between replacing windows yourself or hiring a professional replacement window installation company it is normally a good idea to consider hiring a professional. If you are handy, it is possible to perform a DIY job, but there are several steps involved to ensure that the new window is installed properly, including:

1. Removing the replacement window from the frame.

2. Installing the frame for the new window in spot occupied by the window you are placing.

3. Toe-nailing or lightly hammering a 10-penny nail on two sides of the frame to hold it in place.

4. Leveling the frame for the replacement window using the level so that the window is level both vertically and horizontally

5. Once the frame is in place, removing the toenailing and inserting shims in at least two spots while laying the level on the middle of the frame. Then inserting or adding shims (thin pieces of angled wood) on either side of the level until you are sure the base is level.

6. Be sure, by the way, that the frame for your new window is even all around. For example, if you have a two-inch air space below the window, you must maintain the same spacing all the way around. This is after you have installed the shims on the base of the window frame.

7. Next, you take your nailgun or driver and put a nail right through the shims and frame so that the nail goes right into the window support itself.

8. Do the same on the sides, constantly checking so that the sides are vertical. When you have the shims in the right height, nail right through them into the window support frame.

9. With the bottom and sides shimmed, your new window installation will be even, so you need to toe-nail the top corners (drive the nails in at an angle) for top strength.

10. Attach any window hardware required for your replacement window

11. Now, with the assistance of at least two others, lift the new window into place and mark the spots where any hardware that must be installed on the window itself must be installed

12. Install the hardware for your replacement window and snug down any screws with your driver.

13. Now, you must assure that all of the subsidiary hardware is installed on the replacement window. That hardware includes window locks, window cranks and their linkages and you have to be sure the window will open and close smoothly

14. Caulk the exterior of the replacement window so that it is totally weatherproof. And, once that caulking is installed you have to put up any trim pieces required

15. On the inside, fill in the area around the window with new…


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