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MovingInternet Marketing ‘Get Rich Quick’ – Crowd Right Or Wrong? You Decide

January 31, 2019by was73100

Here is an interesting Dilemma we know that the ‘Get Rich Quick’ crowd make most of their money from the people who will never do anything with the products that they sell them? Ok so who is at fault here the 20% who present on stage and have allegedly made a success of IM show how they have done it, knowing full well that most (8 out of 10) won’t be able to turn their purchase into a profit or those that buy, for believing the dream that with 10 minutes work a day with little or no additional cost they will make a fortune??

Making as much money as we can for doing as little work as we can is everyone’s dream is it not? But there is a difference between building a solid business and then making yourself redundant progressively, leveraging the services of others and by doing so eventually earning a living without necessarily working that hard 1-2 hours a day perhaps would be ideal. compared to selling products that promise to do amazing things and yet most of us haven’t the knowledge to make them really work

The ‘Get Rich Quick’ crowd will argue we give everyone the same chance who are we to decide those that will, from those that won’t, this is not our problem all we do is present what we have done and what is possible do what I have done and you can enjoy the same benefits as I have surely this is a reasonable argument? after all isn’t this the same in the business world? We all know that running a successful business is the route to more money, bigger houses, better cars why then isn’t everyone doing it?

Well running any business, traditional or otherwise is not easy it requires tenacity, agility, flexibility, persistence, confidence, unwavering belief, passion, commitment to do what it takes, you need to fight the ‘dream stealers’ who will try to protect you from failure and bring you back from this reckless idea (many of us live and sleep with these people) and you must not quit if what you have is viable do we think that the successful Internet Marketers have not had to use all of these skills?? Of course they have, to be honest they would have been successful in whatever business field they had chosen.

So why do they continue to sell their products and services to an audience where they know that 80% will fail? Here is another one who are they to deny the 20% that will be inspired, focus and transform their lives for having sat in the audience this day? is it not the same in all of life? 80% of the money is controlled by 20% of the people we cannot change these basic facts of the 80/20 rule it is a part of life.

Here is the breaker we are told in the 4 hour work week to get the life we really want, let us ditch the bad customers who are these these are the people that provide 20% of the revenue and yet consume 80% of our time Once we ditch these ‘Bad clients’ we can spend more time with those that provide 80% of the revenue, increase our support and service to this group will be far more rewarding So how would this look if we applied this to the IM world?

Well it would mean that the 20% who are going to make it demonstrate by their own Actions their own initiative and their persistence and tenacity to be heard and not go quietly, who will win these people don’t need much time from their mentors they need quality, direct, short sharp to the point guidance and then they’re off implementing it these are in the 20% who will be part of the group earning 80% of the money

Here is the crucial question why would we want to pour time and effort into those people who are not prepared to get off their arses and work themselves? It’s impossible to turn Sparrows into Eagles!! There are no doubt some, in the mid 60% (not the bottom 20% or the top 20%) who will definitely make it don’t get me wrong! These are those people that through diligence, patience and commitment over time, will earn money and make a go of their venture (although it might not reach the heady heights of their dreams) but this group are very demanding and want lots of your time (and support), in fact they want others to do the work and they don’t want to pay very much (if anything) for it! Which group would you want to work with? There is a big danger of falling into the trap of wanting something more for someone else than they want it for themselves. This does not mean that this group should be abandoned, no, far from it but self help communities, forums and / or membership sites may well create an environment where together as a collective more people can emerge with success but this requires much more skill and time to set up than for those selling programmes from a stage performance!

So the 80-20 rule is a reminder and it is a law a law that has so far followed human endeavor and behaviour over the ages and been proven to be true it is not a surprise then that the IM world has followed the same old well trodden path of working only with the winners it is perhaps at this moment in time that some controls and limitations need to be enforced on how the sales message is conveyed to protect those ‘caught in the moment’ and duped by the ‘promise of large scale easy money’ from being parted with their hard earned cash more legislation and state involvement to stop us self harming more extensions to the ‘Nanny state’.

We have to face the facts, some people are just not cut out to run a business they might think they are they may be enticed to try something which promises large rewards without doing very much it might appear on the surface very easy to replicate programmes and turn them into large self perpetuating money streams but these people just do not know how much work and effort is involved, or how tenacious and strong they need to be, and when it gets down to it they are not prepared to do what it takes if running a business was that easy everyone would be doing it and everyone would be rich

Personally I don’t like regulations nor do I like people spending significant sums of money when it is obvious they will never recoup their investment. It is however better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all most of us can recover from losing £1500-£5000 in an attempt to start a business if you want to buy a franchise and it fails you will have parted with a lot more than this? It just grates that you know in effect someone is profiting from someone elses loss, and very often these are the people that can least afford it. However I have seen people on very low incomes who can ill afford it spend £15 every week on the lottery is this any worse promising wealth for not doing very much?

The trouble is we just can’t predict who is going to make it? Imagine being at a Product Launch and people queuing to buy the ‘next big product’ and the sales team trying to evaluate who would really make a go of it?

The industry won’t refuse someone’s cash or prejudge whether this or that person is capable enough to use the programme before taking their money. If this is to be regulated it has to change the way IM products or services are marketed in the future, I guess when enough people have lost out and complain this will come to pass

The real bottom line is people have the right to be given a chance IM is a chance like MLM, Franchising or any other business idea that comes our way as always 20% will turn their business into Gold whilst many more will not.

Source by Chris D Ogle

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