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MovingIs Your House In Order?

November 2, 2018by was73100

Living a happier spiritual life isn’t difficult. All you need to do is pay attention. I hear of so many people that can’t “keep their house clean” and those are usually the people who seem to be always complaining or grumbling. Their house, their life, everything seems to be chaos all of the times. Their expressed gratitude about their life seldom, incidents of its greatness few and far between.

Keeping the house clean both physically and spiritually, is easy once you know where everything goes. And as long as everything has its place, we’re okay. I have revisited this myself several times. And it gets easier every time.

In a desperate attempt to get our daughter to understand what I mean when I ask her to “put something away” I said, ” Moving something from where it doesn’t belong to another place it doesn’t belong is not cleaning up!” Zing…the lights go on…Zing again…I overhear her telling our son what she just learned….verbatim! Zing the lights go on in my head…wow this works for our thoughts on spirituality too!

Do you know where everything is supposed to go in your spiritual house? Or are these things just getting moved from place to place obscuring the view of the things you need and things you need to reach? Are we cluttering our spiritual shelves with garbage?

It is not hard for our spiritual shelves to get cluttered. Often, focusing on the differences in spiritualities inadvertently muddies our own waters. Why? Because we keep dividing, trying to micro organize many things that we needn’t be micro organizing. Micro organizing spirituality is like trying to organize sand. You’re going to lose some of it, it’s going to make a mess and you may lose that one grain you need. That one grain that ties it all together for you!

The second aspect of spirituality that can be a challenge in keeping house is that it is fluid. Spirituality is like water running over you cleansing, hydrating and renewing. Spirituality is like a breeze constantly flowing through your being. It is refreshing our spirits constantly, amazing us with realizations and insights that come sometimes everyday.

When we organize by whats in common and don’t try to keep those things so separate we find a few things happen. We find that some of those grains of sand come together and form a rock that we can hold onto with certainty and put on a shelf of honour. Ready to be taken out and utilized at any time. We find that our community is larger than we thought it was, we find there are more people like us to share with and learn from. We find…


Source by Adrienne Jones McLeod

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