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MovingKeep Your Workplace Safe – Recycle Unwanted Wood

January 25, 2019by was73100

As more and more wood recycling plants pop up across the nation, it’s becoming very clear that we are getting serious about recycling. There’s a long way to go and despite the increase in recycling facilities it still doesn’t necessarily mean that people up and down the country will go ahead and use them, but it’s a step in the right direction.

According to a recent report, a new facility recently opened in Scotland will see approximately 5,000 pallets come through the door in need of recycling. Other products include old wooden furniture, and timber from derelict housing.

If you’re looking to recycle some old wood, here’s some top tips –

1) Remove any debris attached to the wood that can’t be recycled, this might include nails, plastic and other similar material.

2) Phone ahead if you have large loads. If you have a large amount of wood for recycling, your local plant would appreciate you giving them a quick call to let them know you’re coming. They can then be expecting you and have the necessary staff on hand to help take the wood as quickly as possible.

3) Take care when dismantling large amounts of waste wood that have been idle for long periods of time. Unfortunately, thousands of small animals are killed yearly because they choose to nest in the middle of large piles of waste wood (much like on bonfire night). If you are about to shift a large amount of waste wood, be sure to check there are no stowaways by carefully dismantling the wood. If you haven’t got the time, consider hiring a heat sensing device to pick up on any animal activity.

4) Consider selling the wood. In some cases, you might be able to get a better deal for your waste wood by selling it, especially if the wood is in good condition. For example, if you have a decent enough quantity of pallets, you could contact a company who specialise in refurbishing pallets and will often pay you for your unwanted wood.

5) Do something! Lastly, make sure you actually take action if you have any waste wood, whatever you decide to it will be significantly better than leaving it lying around your premises and remaining a fire hazard.

Wood recycling is a great way to shift your load of unwanted waste wood and by doing so, not only do you help the environment, you will also clear much needed warehouse space and significantly reduce the risk of a fire.

Source by Mike R Alcock

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