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MovingMy House Is Flooded, Now What Can I Do?

September 27, 2019by was73100


Water, at the right time, is an essential part of many cleaning processes, but under some circumstances, water can cause severe damage to many of your possessions. The harmful effects of unwanted water can be greatly reduced by prompt and wise actions. Some procedures are obvious, while others require foresight and professional technology.

Water damage is much more common than you would think. After you have taken the above steps to minimize continuing damage, there are some other things that should be done immediately. The longer your structure and furnishings stay wet, the more secondary damage will occur. Waiting for the water to dry up itself only creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Right now, prompt water removal is your best friend.

When all the excess water it removed, the job is far from over. This is when the most important part begins. Carpet and pad are easily discarded items. The structure of your home is the most important part to get dry as quickly as possible. Drying the structure properly will prevent an even bigger problem, mold and mildew. Homeowners can remove a lot of the standing water themselves. Remember, just because it feels dry to the touch, doesn’t mean it is dry. The hidden moisture can also weaken the structure, rendering your home not safe to inhabit.

Using I.I.C.R.C. certified structural cleaning technicians is the best and safest way to completely and properly dry the structure. An important part of the drying process is utilizing special, highly sensitive moisture meters to monitor the drying and structural conditions.

Secondary damage can be more of a problem than the initial water intrusion. Decorative wood, books, valuable art, and other such items don’t like moisture and can be severely damaged by long-term moisture. Prompt and correct dehumidification speeds the drying process and minimizes further damage.

The drying and dehumidification process is highly technical, but easy for you to understand. There are two primary pieces of drying equipment that professionals use to do this process. They are high efficiency air movers and professional dehumidifiers for maximum drying results. These pieces of equipment will not be found at big box stores or for rent, and if they were you wouldn’t know the most efficient way to use them. This is where the certified professional restorer becomes invaluable.

The theory behind structural and furnishing drying is to replace the damp air with dry. Using the air mover to move the damp air into the dehumidifier does this. The dehumidifier removes the moisture from the air and pumps the liquid into a sink and sends out dry air. As the process continues the dry air is drawn into the air mover and again sent to the dehumidifier. While the process is taking place, this equipment is deeply and constantly drying the furnishings, carpet, drywall, beams and anywhere else moisture is hiding.

At the end of this procedure, all will be dry when given the time required to let this happen. This is why it is so important to get to a professional certified restorer as quickly as possible. The more time that elapses before any treatment is rendered makes further and more invasive procedures necessary, as well as increasing the cost greatly.

When you are dealing with water damaged property, lost time is your enemy, prompt action is your friend. Water that dries on its own, can cause you anguish and health problems do to mold and mildew growth. The most important fact at the end pf this drying procedure is knowing that you have done everything possible to protect the health of your loved ones.


Source by Bruce D Jackson

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