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MovingNatural Alternative to Waxing

August 5, 2019by was73100


Sugaring – The Natural Alternative to Waxing

If you are looking for a natural alternative to waxing, which is less painful, less messy and faster than waxing then read on, because Sugaring could be the answer you are looking for.

History of Sugaring

Sugaring is really a system of eliminating hairs that is very much like waxing so is occasionally known as sugar waxing or Persian waxing because it is undertaken in a very similar method to waxing, yet requires no wax.

This has been used for about four thousand years, due to the fact that in Egypt a hairless as well as smooth body was regarded as the epitome of female beauty.

Sugaring is an early middle-eastern procedure which usually employs a completely natural paste or sometimes a gel produced from components such as sugar, water, as well as lemon juice to eliminate the actual hair follicle from the root. The final results can easily last as much as six weeks.

In fact whilst there are lots of recipes, solely natural ingredients are employed in authentic sugaring.

Application of Sugaring

Whilst at times a gel is utilized the standard method is to use a paste wherein a warmed up thick mixture is applied by the hands, first in the opposite direction of hair growth and after that in the direction of hair growth.

Sugaring is usually less uncomfortable than waxing, for the reason that the solution sticks to the hair while not attaching to the skin.

An additional convenience over waxing is that it may be put on at room temperature or warmed up to a lukewarm temperature, avoiding burning. Even so, there always exists some chance of skin irritation, reaction or sensitivity.

The usage of either waxing or sugaring can be somewhat messy, yet sugaring, being water soluble, is far easier to wash away or to clean up any spills. The actual sugar dissolves in water whereas wax needs a specialist solvent to eliminate it. Naturally it’s best to take precautions and to put down plenty of old towels to protect surfaces before starting.

Benefits of Sugaring as the Natural Alternative to Waxing

1. Swifter than Waxing

A skilled practitioner can perform sugaring speedily with the paste and be finished more rapidly than with waxing. With waxing you have to apply the actual wax to a smallish area- remove, apply to the next area, remove and so on.

On the other hand, with sugaring, because it doesn’t dry out, you can apply the actual paste to a sizeable area enabling considerable amounts of hair to be taken out at once. This speeds things up even if you remove it in smallish sections.

2. Easier to clean.

Both the paste as well as gel are water soluble, which means you are able to clean away any deposits remaining on the skin with just plain water, unlike regular wax which usually requires a special cleaning solution.

3. Perform Sugaring at your house.

Complete sugaring hair elimination kits and supplies can be bought on the internet, or you can easily mix your paste at home.

4. Sugar paste can easily be put on over skipped hairs.

The actual paste is very mild and can be placed right over an area which was just sugared yet skipped some hairs, without having to worry too much about causing irritation.

5. Temporary results can easily turn into permanent.

With time, regular sugaring can cause the actual hair follicle to become impaired, and stop growing hair any more.

Not So Painful as Waxing

Sugaring doesn’t adhere to your skin as much as waxing, which means less irritation.

If you find someone experienced that uses the standard sugaring method with the paste, the actual discomfort is not as much as waxing, due to the fact hair is taken out in the natural direction of its growth – unlike waxing, which usually removes hair against the direction of its growth.

Sugaring is becoming increasingly popular these days. So, if you’re looking for a natural alternative to waxing then look for a practitioner in a beauty salon near you.


Source by Adrian T Hayman

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