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MovingOffering Your House for Movie Location Filming

August 31, 2018by was73100


Understanding house film location scouting

Before you offer your home for film location, you need to understand first the possibilities they may do with your home. Firstly there’s the fact that your whole home may not be used but only an area of it; secondly you may need to clear your rooms; thirdly your home might get a make-over depending on the film’s need; and fourthly there are other expenses you need to handle since you’ll be relocating yourself to let your home be used for filming.

Scouting for the best house filming location undergoes a lot of consideration. Your home may or may not fit the whole details location scouts are looking for, but certain areas in your house can. This makes it important for you to really provide them with as much description about it as possible. Your home might get the scout’s attention due to its façade or the space in your garden.

Every part of your home is very important. There are instances where the film production will only use your living room or your garden for a certain home scene then another area in another home. Usually there’s a certain detail that attracts them to do this and they make sure it is in line to the story’s setting. Father of the Bride movie is the best example as their home’s indoor, front, and backyard are all from different locations.

At some point, to fit a certain description, they need to make changes to your home. They may change your home’s paint color and even furnishings. If this happens, make sure to clear your home from certain furnishings. Of course during the filming you’ll also be relocating like staying at a hotel or at a relative’s home. You need to make sure your expenditures for such is met adequately. You also need to prepare for the possibility that your home may be used for a television series which means relocating from time to time.

Preparing your home for film production

Opening your home for location scouts is quite easy. There are companies that are open to listing your home as a filming location. In doing this make sure to really describe your home’s areas in detail: from indoors to outdoor. As said earlier they might use only part of your home for a certain scene or the whole of it. Better clear your rooms from furniture if they are to use their own set. You also need to consider the fact that they will be bringing lights and cameras into your room.

There’s also the possibility that your home will be repainted to fit the needs. Make sure to prepare a contract defining your terms when it comes to letting them use your home for…


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