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MovingOffice Moves Do Not Have to Be Traumatic

March 27, 2019by was73100

Not all office moves are problematic especially if they are coordinated and handled correctly. Office moves happen every day and some are more successful than others because of the pre-planning that has already happened before the move.

How do you pre-plan a move? The first thing to do is decide exactly what day or days the move is going to take place. Does the office need to be up and running until five PM on Friday evening and then reopen exactly at nine on Monday morning? Then the move will have to be scheduled on a weekend.

Next you would want to take an inventory of exactly what office equipment is being moved. Sometimes if you need office machines moved, often the company, who supplied them, if on a lease, will arrange to have them moved for you. This would have to be scheduled in advance. But you will still need to know what office machines are being moved. These can be as simple as a copy machine to office computers. The equipment may have to be broken down if it has to fit in a freight elevator or has to be moved up or down stairs. It could even be more complex machines so they would have to be broken down before the move.

Then you would consider what office space has to be moved. This could be cubicles or work areas. Some of this office furniture would also have to be broken down. This would have to be done after five on a Friday evening so it is ready to move on Saturday morning. This would mean you may have movers in the office at office closing time on Friday evening and someone would have to stay with them to make sure everything got done.

Of course the moving company would put on a full crew to make the move happen over the weekend. Office moves take an effort to coordinate them properly.

You would then need to consider the file cabinets. They can be moved as is with no further packing except perhaps wrapping them in a movers blanket to protect them. The same would be true of large office chairs or other cabinets. But if there is anything that requires security then the file cabinets should be the locking kind.

Any books cases and any other items that can go in book boxes needs to be sorted. This is a good time to go through the things you are getting moved to insure there is nothing that does not need to make the move. Discard it and save the money it would take to move it.

Generally an office does not have a lot of nick-knacks but they may have artwork. If so, inventory that and make sure the   removal  a company has plenty of mirror boxes or similar so the artwork is protected on the move.

If you make a map of the new office layout you can label the boxes accordingly. This will also make a smoother move.

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