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MovingOnline Home Based Business and Working With Your Spouse

December 4, 2018by was73100

Getting involved in an online business with your spouse should be easy. You have already got a relationship built on trust, you probably communicate well and you both probably have similar drive and commitment to succeed as work at home entrepreneurs.

With both of you being at home the daily tasks of washing clothes and cleaning the house can be shared and work time set aside while one looks after the children. The home based business should flourish in this climate. What if it doesn’t though?

You have to set you boundaries early in the peace. You have to plan and talk before you even start. Here are three considerations along these lines:

1. Clarify both of your expectations:

You need to do this for the business, the children, the housework and the other tasks that make your world go around. If you don’t then there is a possibility that there will be frustrations from one or both sides. Remember that you are planning to be in the same house for all of the time.

As romantic as this may sound it can often end up with small bits of office equipment becoming dangerous projectiles and aimed at various parts of your body.

Having a roster helps with housework and other tasks around the home. The last thing that you want is for this mundane menial stuff to be the thing that breaks your focus and concentration on your business goals.

2. Acknowledge each others skills and way of doing things.

Chances are that both of you have developed different ways of being organised and different levels of disorganisation that you can put up with around your work space. This is fine as long as you can both accept this of the other person. You don’t want one side of the corporation cleaning up for the other in the time that they should be focused on their business tasks.

Other skills that you may have both acquired need to be acknowledged too and if you can identify some of the areas where you are both individual experts then a knowledge development plan can help you plan how to teach each other your various skills.

It may also come to pass that one of you is focused on the computer generating leads for the list whilst the other prefers the people contact and talking to people about their barriers and aspirations in their own home based business. There is nothing wrong with this so long as both partners acknowledge the importance of both tasks for the overall health of your online business venture.

3.Plan to be together sometimes with all phones off:

You need to take the opportunity to plan to be together and turn off your phones and talk, walk…


Source by Stephen Farrington

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