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MovingOutdoor House Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

September 29, 2019by was73100


What Are The Biggest Benefits To Installing Outdoor House Lighting Around Your Home?

One really good benefit of having good outdoor house lighting is having the full use of your garden, yard and patio areas after dark. With proper outdoor house lighting you will also feel safer in your yard as you come home to relax in your garden. Extra light surrounding the home will help prevent nighttime mishaps and additional lighting can complement the outdoor look of your home. A properly installed outdoor home lighting system lets you do this so you can relax and barbecue in your back yard no matter what time it is and you can enjoy the comfort of being outside at any time.

Another big benefit that is usually overlooked is security. Keeping an area well lit from dark to dusk goes a long way as a theft deterrent to help keep intruders and burglars away.

Speaking Of Security I’ve heard That Outdoor Residential Lighting Can Save Me Money. How?

Something that you may not know about outdoor house lighting is that because it works as a burglar deterrent that you could get you a price reduction on your home policy similar to anti-theft devices on your car.

Many safety experts recommend outdoor lighting as an important component in a home security system.  Thieves are less likely to approach a home that is well-lit. Check with your insurance carrier. This includes, of course, the backyard.

What Is The Biggest Difference In Indoor And Outdoor House Lighting Fixtures?

The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor house lighting is that the outdoor lighting fixtures are usually of a low voltage dc variety instead of high voltage ac and come with different protective materials to protect the bulb and remain resistant to the various elements they are exposed to. It is always advisable to buy good-quality outdoor lighting fixtures. Since these are exposed to the elements they need to be tougher than indoor fixtures that have to function in controlled environments. Besides the weather and heat and cold, outdoor house lighting is often subjected to unsafe materials and possible physical damage.

What Common Options Are Available To Me In Outdoor House Lighting?

As far as outdoor house lighting fixture options go, the two most popular options are solar and low voltage. With low voltage systems you can accent or create visibility lights to decks, pathways, stairs, and garden beds. You can do the same with solar fixtures; however, there may be less choices when using solar fixtures.

What Is The Difference In 110 Volt, Solar And Low Voltage Outdoor House Lighting?

The biggest differences are the 110 volt ac systems use  house current for the lights which can be much more dangerous especially when used outdoors in the weather. These systems are acceptable when they are mounted directly to the house, high up out of the weather and plugged into a ground fault outlet.

The low voltage systems are much safer because they use low voltage dc current to power the exposed system and the lights. The dc current is like what your car uses. The lighting system itself still uses a 110volt ac transformer which must be plugged into your homes electrical outlet and kept out of the weather. This transformer changes the more dangerous high voltage ac current into low voltage dc current. Because the lights use low voltage dc current a dangerous shock hazard is almost non existent.

A solar lighting system captures the sun rays and charges up a battery all day long then turns on when the sun goes down. These systems usually fully self contained and require no wiring These systems are very easy to install and do not require nearly the planning that the wired low voltage house lighting requires.

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