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MovingPainting and Decorating – DIY or Local Tradesman?

August 30, 2019by was73100


The main reason people embark upon redecoration of their homes or workplace is to freshen up how their space looks, whether for enhanced enjoyment of the rooms they inhabit or for purposes of selling a property.

Painting and decorating covers a multitude of different possibilities and can provide any look you could want. With the proliferation of large DIY stores most of the trade supplies are available to the enthusiastic home owner as well as a multitude of innovative treatments, finishes and fittings, plus the tools to carry out the jobs.

If you decide to carry out the work yourself there is a great deal of satisfaction to be gained, and often (but not always) large monetary savings. The extra cost is of course in your time, but if this makes the project a source of enjoyment and satisfaction or makes it affordable, then of course it can be worth it.

Do beware though that not all jobs are suited to the amateur DIY enthusiast and those requiring technical knowledge or a specific skill are usually left to the professional, as very often a better job results at a lower cost.

Many jobs, although made easier by more manageable products for the DIY market, can still take many times longer doing it yourself and rarely result in as good a finish. There is also the prolonged mess and upheaval involved in completing the task over an extended period of time.

For a long-lasting and smooth looking result the key factor is preparation. This can take many times longer than the actual finishing, but is essential to doing the job right.

If you look hard and honestly at the total picture, in many cases a lot of people will conclude that getting in a professional is the best answer. Any professional painter and decorator will have a number of methods and processes that he will use to ensure a solid foundation to the actual finish that is eventually applied.

When selecting a painter it is a good idea to go by recommendation either personal or from one of the web sites that vet such trades and publish their recommendations.

These days the job of the professional painter and decorator is a far more responsible one. With greater levels of regulation and consumer expectation, the tradesman has to be far more thorough and take more responsibility for the overall standards of the work he carries out, and the impact upon the building he is working in. He must for instance ensure that no damage can be cause to existing décor elsewhere, and that he is fully insured for any mishaps that might occur.


Source by Charlotte Savollis

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