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MovingPaying Housesitting Fees Vs Giving Great Incentives

April 5, 2019by was73100

So, you’ve decided that you are in use of someone to watch your house while you’re gone, and you need to wish to learn more about housesitting fees. This is a topic many people may not know much about, and thus the reason you’re interested in learning more about house sitting prices.

Well, you most likely are looking for a reliable person to do your house sitting for you, as it’s quite a huge amount of responsibility, and your home is your biggest investment as well. The key to getting the best possible person to be your housesitter is to offer them great pay or incentives.

In the case of housesitting fees, incentives are usually the better way to attract your housesitter. You should be certain to let them know that the fees being paid is basically a rent free home for them to enjoy and watch over as well.

Listed below are some incentives to offer your house sitters rather than agreeing to pay high fees:

  • The use of your home as their living space. This means they can live rent and mortgage free in your home for the time you need them. This is a great way to save them money as well as give you a great house sitter.
  • As an alternate to paying high fees, you can remind you potential employee that they will eliminate the cost of all utilities and phone bills, not to mention they get to use your cable television service as well. This is a great incentive to anyone and should take full advantage of it.
  • Housesitting fees can be set at a minimum if you want to offer that as an incentive as well. You offer a small monthly compensation to your potential house sitter to get them motivated.
  • You may want to consider offering the use of your vehicle when they are house sitting for you. This is very enticing to anyone because it can save them the cost of an auto as well as insurance on it.
  • The house sitter gets the use of your home and everything in it while they’re there, so you could consider part of your housesitting fees to be the wear and tear of your home as well.
  • If you find a dog lover, they can be a dog sitter as well, and this can benefit you both. If they are a pet lover, this is an incentive as well

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