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MovingPuppy Proofing – How to Make Your Home Safe

January 27, 2019by was73100


Puppy proofing your home is similar to making your home safe for the arrival of babies and young children. If you have already had babies and young children in your home, you have a head start in identifying the multitude of dangers in your home. Puppy proofing your home is a key step in puppy care.

Puppies and babies are so inquisitive with no experience to guide them. Your role is to provide that help. Many eyes are better than just one pair, so involve the whole family, the dog walker and the dog trainer.

Puppies are small, so change your prospective, become small and crawl around the house. Use a torch, pick up all the small things that you find, puppies and babies will eat anything. This can lead to major and expensive issues, with many of them being indigestible, they will block the digestive system. You will find clip, pins, jewellery and coins, perhaps enough money to treat yourself.

Puppies love to chew, so whilst you can train them not to, or give them plenty of safe things to chew, many of these are potentially very dangerous. In today’s home the large numbers of electrical cables at puppy level are a real risk. So tidy and perhaps taping the cables out of reach. There are a lot of good commercial products that will help you with this. You can also spray the cables with bad tasting chemicals such as bitter apple that will put the puppy off chewing.

Where possible put the cables and valuables up high, but do not forget the puppy will grow. Hanging tablecloths are something puppies and babies love, so remove them.

When you have finished, the floor has become a puppy area, so spread it with toys that will keep him contented and remove your things to cupboards etc.

For a relaxed safe area for your puppy you might want to use a metal cage, often known as a crate. They become a home and are a great training aid. To reinforce it as a home add cushions and toys. Leave the door open, so he can enter and leave when he wants, going there when he feels tired or threatened.

In summary a few tips for puppy proofing your home, share with everyone in the home.

• Keep all doors and windows shut. Even ovens, dishwashers, tumble-dryers and washing machines.

• Remove (or change to short hanging) tablecloths – for obvious reasons! Look for other things to remove or shorten such as blinds and curtain cords which may interest the puppy into jumping and pulling.

• Keep all shoes and slippers in cupboards.

• Protect or re-route all electrical cables.

• Keep breakables out of puppies way including favourite books from the lower sections of bookcases.

• Remove dangerous houseplants such as daffodils and Lily of the Valley.

• Guard fires and be careful with candles

• Remove the plastic shopping bags, especially straight after returning with the shopping. Dogs can eat them leading to expensive and life threatening digestive tract blockages.

• Child locks on floor level kitchen cupboards are a good idea.

• Remove food scraps. Especially dangerous are chicken bones as they splinter when chewed.

• Keep toilet lids and bathrooms closed, so your puppy won’t learn to drink from the bowl or even falling in.

When you have puppy proofed the house you can have the fun safely together.


Source by Denise Hooker

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