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MovingRemoving Skin Tags at Home

October 3, 2018by was73100

There are actually several ways for removing skin tags at home. If you have ever tried to ask your insurance   company  to pay for the  removal  of a skin tag by a health professional, you probably found out right away that insurance  companies  consider this type of procedure to be purely cosmetic and will not cover it. Therefore, the cheapest route for you to take is to learn adequate methods at home for removing your skin tags.

I will outline a couple of these methods that have worked for many others. One way of removing tags at home is to use an herbal extract called Dermisil. This topical treatment is very mild and does not seem to damage the surrounding tissue. I feel that this method is okay except that this type of herbal extract can be quite expensive. I prefer to use methods that are less costly for removing my skin tags in the setting of my home.

You probably have not heard of this next unique method of removing skin tags at home. What can be done is to add fingernail polish to them around twice a day. As the nail polish dries, it will force them to shrink, thereby reducing the blood supply to the skin tag. A skin tag needs a supply of blood in order to survive. Apparently, after about two weeks, it will disappear. I like this method because it seems to be very simple and certainly less costly than purchasing some expensive herbal extract.


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