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MovingSaving At Home And Keeping Up Your Health While Growing Older

December 14, 2018by was73100

I will fill you in on some information about my mother. She is 82 years old. Will be 83 years old in a few weeks. She is still living at home. She is keeping up with her health. She is still saving money. I can give you the secrets on how to be successful at this.

The number one thing in her favor. She never smoked, drank, ate on the healthy side most of the time. An occasional drink, mainly rose wine. I have heard a glass of wine a day is good for you. Add on sweets and fatty foods, once in a while. She is living proof, still in good health. Now that I have discussed, the drinking and eating issues. Do not forget the smoking. Let’s discuss the other issues.

She always kept busy. She was divorced and had three children. We were very young in age. As, I recall my brother the oldest about 8 years old, I was second about 4 years old, my sister the youngest about 2 years old. My father was fooling around and impregnated another women. Therefore the divorce. We did not have an easy life. She had to work two jobs. After living with our grandfather for a few years. She managed to save enough for a down payment on a house. I found in my research keeping active and busy, keeps you healthy, and wise.

By heredity, she has high blood pressure. She has it under control by medication and consuming what the DR. promotes. She is considered legally blind by a rare eye condition. Which came at an early age of 60 years old approximately. She had to retire. Working most of her life. Her pension is enough to live on. Being in her familiar settings, she was able to get along.

She has always been a very independent lady. This must have been devastating to her. This is were her children came to the rescue. My oldest brother very helpful. Installed bars in the bathroom walls, bought her a talking watch calls her everyday. He makes sure she is good to go. With my medical training I provided a lot of nursing knowledge. My youngest sister assisted when she could.

Making sure she gets her medicine, keeps her DR. appointments, keeping up with medicare, and a supplement provider. I hope this article is beneficial to who read it. This proves you can still live at home. Keep up your health. Save money while growing older.


Source by Rena J Perkins

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