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MovingSaving Up For Your Dream House Is Not Impossible With These 4 Easy Tips

July 6, 2019by was73100


Have you ever wondered why at this point in time you haven’t earned enough even if your salary belongs to the upper brackets? Have you come to think why other professionals your age have already bought their ideal homes while you are still renting? One possible reason may be anchored on your spending habits. Here are 4 easy tips that can help you pump up your savings for a dream house purchase in the not-so-distant future.

Pay your bills wisely.

There have been many advices given on paying one’s bills. However, a lot have been missing about being wise on this matter. How could this be done? Because bills commonly include utilities like electricity, water, and gas – you should allot appropriate amounts to them. Once you get your salary, pay your bills at once without waiting for the due date. With this, you are actually sparing your money from being spent on other things.

Cut on your unnecessary expenses.

According to financial experts, an individual has many unnecessary expenses. These things are actually eating up one’s budget which greatly affect the allotment for more important expenses. Avoiding unnecessary expenses can help your finances flow smoothly. Start by reducing the sticks of cigarette you smoke. (Although avoiding cigarette smoking is more logical, health-wise and money-wise.) Deprive yourself of the weekly night out to a bar or a movie house. Your friends will surely understand you and your purpose. It will also help you save if you will not join the trend of buying new gadgets each time a new one is out in the market.

Refrain from using your credit card.

According to financial experts, credit cards are great financial instruments. But they can also turn out to be a weapon of financial destruction when not used wisely. If you really want to save up for your dream house, refrain from using it. The interest rate accorded to your purchases is already a big help if you would save the amount. If purchases are unavoidable – especially if the things are really needed, prefer to use cash. However, you must also remember that a credit card used wisely will result into a good credit score which in turn you’ll need to fish a home mortgage to help you on the dream home purchase.

Get alternative sources of savings.

It’s not just enough to say to get alternative sources of income. What you need to have are alternative sources of savings. Aside from part-time jobs like freelance writing, blogging, and being a virtual assistant, you can also try weekend tutorial services. A lot of parents are actually looking for tutors who will help their children augment with what is taught on school. How about trying to remove some reusable clutters from your closet like clothes, jeans, and shoes? Put them on sale on your garage or yard. Other things which you can sell to your neighbors include old toys and books. You can also make some desserts out of your little kitchen and offer them to your officemates. The list can go on assuring you that there are always alternative sources of savings for your dream house.

These are just four of the many tips you can follow to save up and prepare yourself towards the purchase of your dream house – either to be a symbol of your independence or for securing the future of your growing family.


Source by Desare A Kohn-Laski

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