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MovingShould We Have Grass Or Gravel in Our Yard?

June 16, 2019by was73100


When you think about renovating your home or staging it, the first and best place to start entire exercise is the front yard. This is when you are confronted with the question of whether you should choose grass or gravel for your yard. While both these looks have their own advantages, the best way forward is to decide on the right look after weighing the conditions and analyzing the exact circumstances of the required change. While grass is used to create a traditional look, gravel helps you achieve a contemporary feel to the entire surrounding. Always take a final decision depending upon what type of yard you want and which is more practical for your individual lifestyle.

The first and most important thing while choosing the option of gravel or grass is to take care of the maintenance. If you opt for grass, then it is imperative that you have a good water source that can give you constant supply to make sure that the lawn looks good always. On the contrary, if you live in a dry area of the country, you will have to invest in an irrigation system to keep a lawn looking good. There are ofcourse different types of grass available and some of these do not require constant supply of water to grow and look good and green. If you opt for gravel, make sure that the area in which you live does not have too many instances of tornadoes or strong winds, as gravel can fly and cause accidents and injuries to the house as well as the occupants. Maintenance is also a very important aspect of the entire exercise. Many people are under the impression that gravel does not require maintenance. While it is true that gravel maintenance is easier than grass maintenance, it does require certain amount of time and energy to keep it looking good. Although larger types of gravel will remain longer than the small pieces that are easily caught up in shoes and lost due to many other reasons, you will still have to keep adding to your gravel to keep it looking great. Gravel also moves around and hence you have to remove these from areas that it wasn’t intended to be.

The usage is another aspect that needs to be evaluated very carefully before you choose the option in the yard. If you have children who tend to play in the yard, it is better that you choose grass as children will find it easier to play on grass and will not hurt themselves, which happens if there is gravel instead. At the same time, if a certain area in the yard is being used only as a walking path, it is better to use gravel as gravel tends to hold up better than grass as far as walking paths are concerned.


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