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MovingSimple Home Remedies For Skin Tags

September 29, 2018by was73100

Skin tags affect your appearance, being not nice to look at and make you self-conscious, but the good point is that they are not cancerous by nature. Nevertheless, it is good to have them diagnosed lest they should turn out to be something different.

Here are a few very simple ways of getting rid of them:

1. Mix together some baking powder and castor oil to get a paste formation. Three to four times a day apply this paste on the skin-tags and see the vanishing in about a fortnight.

2. A cotton ball dipped in nail polish should be applied straightaway on the skin-tag. Apply it three to four times a day. You should be able to notice positive effects in about three days and continued treatment should get rid you of the tags completely.

3. Dental floss, fishing line or thread tightly tied at the base of the stalk causes the tag to fall off within a few days.

The natural sensitivity or composition of your skin determines the time for the skin tags to be removed from you skin. Certain ingredients work faster for some people but may take longer with some body else. Care should be taken if they are near to the eyes. In such cases it is best to seek professional help. For having them removed from any other part of the body, any of the treatments is fine. In case they reappear, you may use the same method as earlier or may be you get inclined to try a different method this time. In either case it’s much more economical than visiting a specialist for treatment.


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