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MovingSkin Tag Removal and Treatment

October 11, 2018by was73100

Do you have skin tags? Do you want to know what the skin tag removal methods available are? While we can say that there are several removal methods, it may help to discuss a bit about tags so you will be guided well.

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are small tumor that shows in the folds of the skin. They are not harmful. It is not painful except for instances where it gets irritated by constantly rubbing on another skin or clothing.

Tags appear in the folds of the neck, in the armpit, in the folds of the groin, in women, usually, under the breast where underwire of the bra may irritate the skin.

Tags are smooth, slightly wrinkled flesh that hangs in a stalk. They are a bit darker in color compared to the skin around it. They are can small as a pin head. There are some tags that can be about a centimeter in diameter. In a few cases, it can even be as big as a fig (5 centimeters in diameter).

What causes skin tags?

There is no definite cause of tags. However, they are prevalent to pregnant women, overweight or obese individuals and in diabetic patients.

It may be due to irritation from skin rubbing with skin or clothing. This may be one of the main reasons why they are prevalent to obese individuals.

Aging can also be causal factor where your skin wrinkles and the prevalence of tags are fairly common.

Insulin resistance in diabetes may also be one causal factor for tags.

As mentioned above,tags are not harmful. You may leave it untouched and get on with your life with no problem.

The main reason why people would want a tag removal procedure done is because of aesthetic reasons.

Especially to individuals who develop large tags, removing them will be necessary.

Now, let us move on the a few tag removal procedures.

Freezing through the use of liquid nitrogen is one of the safest and fastest ways to remove a tag. This procedure is called cryotherapy. This is best done by a doctor.

Burning through cauterization. The doctor will use electric cauterization to remove the tag.

Ligation is one skin tag removal procedure that you can do without going to the doctor’s office. You can get a thread tie it in the stalk of the skin tag to deprive it of its flood source. In a few days, the tag will fall off. This may take time but it is effective.

Finally, incision can be used to remove tags. You can get a scissor or a scalpel. If you are afraid it can be painful, you may want to numb that area first with ice. You may also need to sterilize the scissor to make sure that you will not get infection.

Cut the tag near the healthy skin. It will bleed…


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