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MovingSkin Tag Removal at Home – 4 Home Methods To Remove Skin Tags

November 16, 2018by was73100


People are generally put off by the appearance of skin tags. They seem to just pop up at the worst times, and can be extremely irritating and ugly to look at each day. Often, people begin to try skin tag removal at home. While there are plenty of options available to you, some of the easiest ways to wart removal at home are:

  1. People often tie a string around the tag at the base, and then cut it off with sterilized scissors. However, this can cause a lot of bleeding, and can also put you at risk for skin infection. In addition, if the stalk is not fully removed, the tag will just come right back. It can also leave unattractive scars behind as well.
  2. Some people have found the use of fingernail polish to work for skin tag removal at home. You simply cover the entire area with polish twice a day, until it dries up and disappears.
  3. The use of apple cider vinegar has also been used with success for those looking for warts removal at home. Take a cotton ball, soak it in the vinegar, and put it right on the area. This has to been done three times a day for two to three weeks. Remember that you cannot use vinegar on skin tags that are close to the eyes.
  4. Another method for removing warts at home is by strangling the blood supply to the tag. This means you tie a string around it at the base, and it falls off after a couple of days. This method works for some, but not for others.


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