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MovingSkin Tag Removal at Home – Are There Safe Remedies?

October 6, 2018by was73100


Have you ever been embarrassed by an ugly, visible skin tag? Did you wonder if you could remove skin tag at home to avoid the cost, time, and embarrassment? There are many ways to do this.

Some skin tag removal remedies involve putting chemicals on that burn it off. Others say to tie a thread or dental floss around the base of the tag, cutting off the blood flow until it falls off. Still others say to cut it off after holding an ice cube on it to dull the pain.

While all of these methods probably work, one thing to always remember, keep it clean and use sanitary measures throughout whatever process you use.

One positive thing about skin tags, they do not usually become cancerous. They just are not very attractive and can become irritated, especially around the neck/collar area. Other places they tend to be irritating is where skin rubs together causing friction on the tag, like between the thighs, armpits, or around the anus. Another spot is having them around the waistline, which can also be a nuisance.

One of the best ways I have found is to clip the thing off with a toenail clipper. At first, you think this will hurt like the devil, and then what about the bleeding? Well, I had the same fears. I had heard that the bleeding is hard to stop. The instructions I followed eliminated both of these fears.

Make sure you follow good detailed instructions, especially those that re-enforce being completely sanitary throughout the process to avoid any infections. Just have a positive attitude and a steady hand.

My skin tags are gone and have not grown back, another fear I had. If I would have known it would be this easy, I certainly would have done it sooner and not of put up with the embarrassment all these years.


Source by Thomas P Fouts

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