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MovingSkin Tag Removal – Is Natural or Clinical Removal Better

October 11, 2018by was73100

Skin tag  removal  is usually performed clinically by the dermatologist or your family doctor at the clinic. Alternatively, folks may use a do-it-yourself (DIY) medication sold at local pharmacies to get rid of those ugly skin tags. To most folks, this appears to be the only options they could think of. Unknown to them, more people who have understood the benefits of using natural remedies are starting to adopt this approach to remove skin tags at home.

If you are healthy and do not have any drug allergy, you would not be new to prescribed medicine or over-the-counter (OTC) medications. You may already know that these medications often produce side-effects, be it harmless short-term effects which can be felt instantaneously or have long-term repercussions. Traces of harmful elements in the medications could lead to complications on our skin or rashes.

First of all, we would examine the adoption of modern clinical techniques for skin tag  removal  for its potential risks. Skin tags can be frozen off and removed by a common technique called cyrotherapy which is also used to remove other kinds of skin growths such as moles and warts. Another method is by cauterization or simply burning the skin tag off using electric currents. The skin tissue around the skin tag is at risk of skin burns or dyschromic lesions.

Clinical methods of  removal  involving excision by a scalpel or scissors can be painful especially if you suffer from multiple skin tags. Even under the numbing effect of local anesthesia, patients have complained about the irritation and discomfort they have to endure during the process. Bleeding will result as well and aluminium chloride is often applied to stop the bleeding. Scarring is also possible.

No doubt that these clinical methods may offer relief to your skin tag problem, they are ineffective in preventing its recurrence in the future. In other words, the treatment may not bring permanent and lasting results. These treatment methods may not be cheap as well. In case you are not aware, skin tag  removal  is largely a cosmetic procedure and is unlikely to be covered by your insurance policy. You may have to foot the entire bill.

These are some of the reasons why people are starting to explore other ways to remove skin tags in a safe and affordable manner. It is understandable that they are looking towards a permanent solution to their skin tag condition which clinical treatment has no absolute answer for. Skin tag victims have had to suffer this condition until recently when a sufferer managed to…


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