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MovingSmelly Yellow Well Water Problems? – Single Most Effective Thing to Do to Eliminate Them

November 9, 2018by was73100


When recent studies showed that bottled water may not have any real advantage over its purified counterpart there has been a spike in the demand for home water purifiers. While it is easy for individuals that are served by the municipal services to drink purified water, people with well water source are constantly plagued with smelly well water issues and are engaged in an uphill task of getting pure and healthy water.

Apart from the odor problem, the other major concern about well water is the color so you may hear of smelly yellow well water. The reason is because well water has chemical contaminants that are responsible for the smell and the color. Hydrogen sulfide is a chemical substance known for its notorious rotten egg-like smell and happens to be the culprit in this case while the sulfur component makes the water yellow. The color of well water is also influenced by rust and the presence of iron.

To eliminate smelly yellow well water problems, one single effective thing that works is use of home water purifiers usually in form of a filtration system. Currently the filter system that works for smelly yellow well water is the granular activated carbon (GAC) filters. They effectively remove the odors and get rid of the turbidity.

The effectiveness of activated carbon filters is usually rated by the particle size they remove which is expressed in micron units and the smaller the micron unit the more effective. For smelly yellow well water you should get the smaller micron size carbon filter; for example it is recommended that you get something that filters down to at least 5 microns. Anything bigger will not effectively take care of these contaminants because it will allow the passage of fine particles into the pipes and eventually the faucets. Carbon filters also have an advantage of being cost effective as opposed to other ways of treating well water.


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