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MovingSpotted Dick History – Where Did It Come From?

July 14, 2019by was73100


Spotted dick is a popular dessert dish in Europe. It is not what you are thinking and why it is called spotted dick seems to be somewhat of a mystery. It is a suet pudding that consists of flour, eggs, sugar, raisins and a few other ingredients. It makes a tasty dessert that is eaten with custard but where did it get it’s peculiar name?

The spotted part of the name comes from the raisins. The suet pudding is rolled into a large log like shape but it is hard to find evidence that the dick portion of the name points to it’s shape phallic shape. Historians really have no definite answer.

Some believe and I use this term loosely, that the name is derived from the term pudding which at one point was called puddink and once again evolved to puddick which over time became just dick. This explanation seems as hard to swallow as the name itself. I still lean towards the phallic shape.

Maybe this is how it really happened over two hundred years ago. There were a few women working in the kitchen and one came up with an idea for a new dessert using some leftover ingredients. The idea sounds yummy enough so the thought was put into the mixer and the suet mixture was created. Laying in a flat sheet, it did not seem all that desirable so someone decided to roll the suet mixture into a large log. Now it is starting to take shape. One of the women said, “What is that?” Another replied, “I am not sure.” A third replied, “Well it looks like a large spotted dick!” and the rest as they say is history! Remember this is just an idea and it seems much more likely considering no matter where you look you can’t find a solid explanation for the name.

The name was officially changed in the year 2001 to “Spotted Richard.” This to me makes it even more laughable and for some strange reason it was changed back to the infamous “spotted dick” just one short year later. Either way, it is a real product and a great tasting dessert that everyone should try!


Source by Jason Scheers

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