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MovingStep One to Your Perfect Golf Vacation

October 9, 2018by was73100

It’s just like the hamburger commercial; Have it your own way! Your annual golf outing deserves to be the best possible vacation. Make it your own way. Forget “the package” and design your own special, personalized group get away.

In my last article, I gave an overview of how you can put together a terrific group golf vacation. In this article, I will go into much more detail concerning the organization and preparation. I have been setting up the ideal gathering for our group for 18 years. There are refinements every year and we think we have arrived at the optimum outing.

You will be driving this bus, so get the ball rolling. Do a little research and pick a location. This location should have plenty of vacation rental homes and a good selection of golf courses. You do not want to play the same course every day. You should be able to do most or all of your research online to find out about rental house and golf course specifics, including costs.

Get the word out to the troops. I like to send out a humorous email to introduce the event and then follow up with more emails and phone calls. I recommend you send out an email to everyone you think might be remotely interested about five months in advance. Some will not be able to make it due to family, work, interest, etc. You should hope to wind up with a group size around eight. Anywhere from six to twelve is great. Five people is the worst group size due to tee times. More than twelve is too hard to organize or find lodging in the same house.

Pick out a window of time. We usually grab the last week in February to get the northern gents out of the snow and still stay in the low rate season for the southern golf courses. As an example of an introductory email, you could send something like this:

“It has come to my attention via the minions who surround me and perform my every whim that there may be those among you desiring driving sleet, incomprehensible wind chill, unplayable lies, unreachable par 3’s, impossible odds, foot-wedging opponents, gross bending of the USGA rules, hairy greens, thick frost, lightening fast down-hillers, moguls, knee deep rough, more sand and water than water front property, Velcro removal during back swings, exploding coughs during precision chips, un-winnable stroke spreads complete with unyielding stroke givers and takers, 179-degree dog legs, and brutal rangers in leather and chains.

If this is the type of outing you’ve been dreaming about, keep dreaming. I can’t make it happen. But picture this:

-A luxurious house with a separate bed for…


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