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MovingSteps to Remove Toothpaste on the Carpet

August 26, 2019by was73100


Brushing our teeth is very important if we want to have a nice, sparkling smile that we can show to everybody. Toothpaste plays a very important role in getting our teeth clean and white as well as eliminating germs and bacteria which can make our breath smell bad.

But while toothpaste has a lot of benefits when it comes to dental hygiene, it can be a source of trouble if you accidentally get some of it onto the carpet. Toothpaste and your carpet doesn’t exactly mix well as this can cause a nasty stain that will be tough to remove. If you have accidentally spilled some toothpaste on your carpet, here are some of the simple steps that you can use to help get rid of this problem.

• First, you’ll need to remove the toothpaste, or at least as much of it as possible, from the carpet. To do this, you should get a dull knife or a spoon and start scraping off the toothpaste on the carpet. You should be careful not to cut the carpet fibers accidentally though. Once you have removed as much of the toothpaste as you can, move on to the next step.

• Next, get some white vinegar and some water. Mix one part of the former with four parts of the latter. If you notice later on that the vinegar cleaning solution is not that strong, you can adjust the ratio to one part vinegar to three parts water. Mix this inside a container and then apply some of it onto the toothpaste stain on the carpet.

• After you have applied the cleaning solution onto the stained area of the carpet, let it soak first for a moment or two. Then, get a clean white cloth and start blotting the toothpaste stain. This will help transfer the stain from the carpet and to the cloth. Continue doing this while occasionally applying more cleaning solution if needed. Do this until the entire stain is gone.

• The last step is equally important in taking care of your carpet. You have to rinse the area you just finished cleaning with some water and then dry up the area using some clean towels. Doing this is important because you don’t want any cleaning solution residue from getting left behind and causing a build-up over time.

Toothpaste on the carpet can be a very tough problem but hopefully these steps will help you solve it in a jiffy. Good luck and happy cleaning.


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