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MovingSummer and Small Bean Bags Are Good Combination For Family Afternoon Time

November 5, 2018by was73100

In the summer time, kids between four and eight years of age can easily get bored if they don’t have different activities to occupy them. They don’t have to go school, and because of that they can experience a negative impact on their reading skills. As you know, teachers would send your kids home every day with a book or worksheet to read. Most teachers ask you to sign a paper stating that your child did read the book assignment.

The Harris County Public Library in Houston is providing their neighborhood with a new and thrilling plan to match readers with books. First, you can make a list of your favorite books on a piece of paper. Next, go to their website and copy the names of the books on to the form. The more information you give, the better the chances are that they can recommend books that you will like. Librarians at the Harris County Public Library will utilize your answers to create a modified reading list just for you.

Typically we don’t go on a trip to the library on daily basis, so creating a space in your house for reading is a good idea. At the library you will find lots of hanging portraits, colorful furnishings, and different types of decorations to engage young readers. What would make that reading spot in your house an attractive place for your kids to read? Think of their reading spot with small bean bags! Small bean bags are perfect for you and your children to sit on and read a book or two together. Kids need to feel relaxed in a place where they are not pressured to do their book reading. Small Bean Bags can provide this setting and offer them plenty of comfort when sitting.

The small bean bags can encourage children to do additional reading throughout the summer. Even schools are exploring the possibilities of adding this furniture to their student’s reading areas to create an encouraging, constructive and positive environment that promotes literacy.

Children can easily handle one to two hours of reading without a problem when they are comfortable. They won’t complain about back pain and you can feel confident knowing that the small bean bag is designed to fit the shape of their body in a way that offers superior comfort. And now you can choose from many so you can match up with your kid’s bedroom furniture.

You will be amazed by the comments expressed by Kristine at the Bowling Green State University regarding her classroom experience. There were kids reading books on iPads while seated in small bean bags. The students were extraordinarily careful with their reading devices. Small bean bags…


Source by Khurram P Butt

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