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MovingThe Art and Skill of Persuasive Copywriting

September 24, 2018by was73100

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a term that refers to the process of writing marketing and promotional texts (also called sales “copy”), in efforts to publicize and promote a product or service in a fashion that will entice the reader to buy. Persuasive copywriting contains the elements needed to engage the reader, and keep them wanting to read further. This is the fundamental goal of good copywriting–keeping the reader captivated and wanting to continue reading.

Every statement in persuasive copywriting is intended to keep the reader wanting to read the next statement. This seamless chain of statements is written in a fashion that builds excitement by adding colorful words, and psychological cues–designed to influence thought and incite responses. The job of the copywriter is to speak to the mind and heart of the reader and give her what she is looking for. This starts by knowing what she desires; then, promising the fulfillment of those desires (then making sure to deliver… of course!).

The Headline

The headline is arguably the most important part of any sales copy. This is because if there is no interest after the headline is read, then you have lost your reader-and thus a potential sale. The objective of the headline is to whet the reader’s appetite and keep them salivating for more. You want to have them champing at the proverbial bit, to hear what you are preparing to reveal.

One way I often like to test my headlines is to imagine that the late, great Don “Thunder Throat” LaFontaine (the guy that did the voice-overs for thousands of movie trailers) is reading my headline. While that voice will give more flair to any headline, it really helps me put things into proper perspective. Think about how many movie sales were made with that style of enthralling speech pattern. In short, you need to make every word count.

Whether short headlines are better than longer headlines is debatable, because it really depends on the product or service being pitched. On the other hand, a general rule of thumb for the typical business sales copy is that “less is best.” Getting the readers initial attention with as few words as possible is suggested.

Some examples of captivating headlines are:

– Here Is The Secret Your Doctor Does Not Want You To Know…

– 7 Things To NEVER Do During A Sales Presentation

– How To Make $5,000 In 60 Days From Home… No Selling

– Discover This Celebrity Trainer’s #1 Weight Loss Secret

– Instantly Triple Your Monthly Sales Online

The above headlines are clear and specific; yet do not give enough…


Source by Dr R A Benson

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