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MovingThe Benefits To Children When They Have A Pet

December 5, 2018by was73100

The dictionary definition of a pet is: “a tame animal kept as objection of affection.” Every parent wants their child to be affectionate and will often prompt them to do so by requiring them to give a kiss or cuddle. There are however experiences in life that help such attributes to grow and blossom naturally. Here are some other benefits to a child when they have a pet:

  • It teaches them about commitment and responsibility
  • This is the time when children learn to persevere even when they don’t feel like it. Their dog will still need taking for a walk even if they are tired or it’s raining hard. Sometimes they will have to put someone else’s needs before their own and still be there for them. Giving up isn’t an option when an animal needs feeding and the child learns how, by overcoming their own feelings, they become trustworthy and reliable. They will have to learn to prioritize and manage their time. This is a marvellous characteristic to learn at an early age that will bring them great benefits in the future when looking for a job or a marriage partner. It will win them many friends, as their pet won’t be the only one to appreciate these qualities.
  • It teaches them about the animal world and nature
  • When our son acquired a different sort of pet- a Gekko, he spent some time looking on the internet to find out how to house him, feed him and care for him. To know about Gekko Pet Care was important when the reptile couldn’t survive without a certain temperature and diet. It was a matter of life and death. He learned a lot about reptiles and the Gekko certainly seemed to do well in the safety that our son’s knowledge provided him. The animal world is vast and amazing and with just a little time and effort can teach us much about the whole world in which we live and the role we play in it. By reading and making notes, our son’s new project helped to improve his academic skills also of reading and writing. In the end it did his self-confidence good to know that he was an expert in a field that many adults even, knew little about.
  • Often gets them outdoors in the fresh air
  • In the Western World where many children are now obese and yet the temptations of sitting too long at screens are huge, having a pet is a great way to add diversity and exercise to their lifestyle. Obviously different sorts of pets have different needs. Generally, the larger they are, the more space and exercise they need. Even small pets need a bit of housework on their cages every few days and by getting them out and playing with them children…


Source by Christine Hulme

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