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MovingThe Do’s and Don’ts of Male Pubic Hair Removal

January 23, 2019by was73100

Although having smooth and hairless skin is a current trend, it is still a matter of preference and function why people remove body hair. Furthermore, how much of the body hair is removed also depends on the individual.

Generally, men usually shave their beards, their chests and their backs. Today, however, a growing number of men have started practicing male pubic hair  removal  methods for various reasons. Some say removing all of the body hair including the hair on their pubic area keeps away odor causing bacteria because it usually gets dark and moist down there. It sometimes is also sometimes safer for both partners if the man removed his pubic hair because this can keep his partner’s private parts free from itchiness after intercourse.

Some men do it to enhance their sexual experiences. They believe that male pubic hair  removal  on the penis area will make one’s erection look bigger. If you’ve been in a relationship for some time now, shaving it off might create new interest from your partner which can help increase sexual excitement. Others even go to the lengths of creating designs on a shorter patch of pubic for novelty reasons.

Many women for a long time now have been getting their pubic hair removed that is why men have also caught on to the trend. Although waxing is one of the most common methods that women use for removing hair from the pubic area, this technique might not be suitable for men.

Man’s testicles have skin that is very sensitive to pain. He will only experience extreme pain or even bleeding on the skin if the male pubic hair  removal  technique is done incorrectly. It would also be embarrassing for him to go to a salon just to have him expose his private parts to a stranger. The best method for male pubic hair  removal  is shaving. Most men are already adept in handling a razor so it will not be too hard for him to learn how to shave his pubic area correctly.

There are right tools to get the best effects of shaving. There now are manufacturers who produce razors specifically for pubic hair shaving. Unfortunately for those who used normal shavers to shave off hair on their testicles, they will feel uncomfortable for some time because of the burning sensation afterwards.

After a few practices, pubic hair shaving should be easy. It is not advisable to shave after you just woke up because the skin is still puffy at this time and you will not be able to get a close shave. To make it easier for the blade to cut off hair, soak yourself in a warm bath or apply a lot of good lubricant on the area before shaving. When you shave, it should be in the direction the hair grows and after it is removed, go back and shave it in the opposite direction to get the smooth skin that you desire. One should not rub the area after the procedure. All you need to do is pat the shaved area lightly with a towel and you can put some powder on it to keep the skin dry.

Today, pubic hair  removal  is already considered as hygienic so there is no need to hesitate if this is something you would like to start incorporating into your grooming routine.

Source by Katrina Pells

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