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MovingThe Family Meal

July 14, 2019by was73100

The family meal has suffered in the changing family environment. Moms and Dads are both working and a large portion of homes are single parent homes. This disturbing trend may be a joy to take-out restaurants but it has detrimental effects to the family and children.

Studies have shown that childhood obesity, drug use, alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking are lower in children who eat dinner with the family.

It can be hard to fit in a home cooked meal when schedules get busy. The children have busy schedules with sports and friends and parents are working longer hours. There are a few things that can be done to assist in making family meals easier to accomplish.

First pull out that old crock pot. It can be used for the old stand by such as pot roast but it can also be used for crock pot lasagna or macaroni and cheese.

Go for the take out and bring it home. Stop into your family’s favorite restaurant and order dinner to go. Then when you get home remove the food from the carry out boxes and serve on your own plates. Sit down to a cooked nutritious meal that is served at the dinner table on your own plates.

Finally when the family is truly busy order a pizza, wings and dinner salad. Then bring this into the house and sit at the table to eat. This is a new twist but it is much better for the family to eat at the table than in front of the TV.

Source by Shauna Hanus

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