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MovingThe Increased Demand for Designer Wedding Dresses

November 18, 2018by was73100

The demand for designer wedding dresses has substantially increased over the last ten years. The growth in this industry has been driven by various social and economic aspects in today’s wedding market.

One of the reasons for the increased demand for designer wedding dresses is that couples are waiting much longer before they get married. This has allowed women to be substantial better off financially than in previous decades, as many women have had careers before they have decided to marry. Previous generations have relied on the ability of the Bride’s Father to pay for much of the wedding, but increasingly the bride and groom are covering the costs from their own recourse.

Another reason for the substantial increase in designer wedding dresses is the desire for that unique quality that only a limited line of designer wedding gowns can being. Every bride wants to feel that they are not only special on their wedding day but they want a wedding gown to make them feel like the most beautiful bride in the world. There is a certain something that stands out in both quality and style of a true designer dress that gives this emotional boost to any bride that is just not felt when an off the peg, box standard dress is worn.

In the past designers were limited in the style of wedding dresses that they could make because they were confined by the popular design of the ever popular traditional ‘white meringue dresses’. This is changing, with this traditional style being overtaken by the trend in brides looking for dresses that are made to measure. Dresses that not only look beautiful, but are also comfortable to the wearer; after all, the wedding day is all about the bride. Online and high street stores now offer a very wide collection of gorgeous wedding dresses that can be bought over the counter, or at the click of a mouse. Expensive designs are becoming increasingly accessible, even to the average bride who has taken her time to save for her wedding.

Designer wedding gowns made by popular designer labels and fashion houses are viewed as works of art by the brides who choose them; and as works of art they can command a high price. Wearing bridal couture gown accompanied with haute couture accessories is seen by many to be something of a status symbol. Because of this, designers are very careful about which label or fashion house they attach their name to. This ensures that when a bride selects a named designer for her dress she can be sure that the wedding dress and accessories are of the highest quality and perfect in…


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