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MovingThe Ins and Outs of Home Staging

December 13, 2018by was73100

If you are getting ready to sell your Lafayette real estate, and you’re hoping to find ways to make it more attractive to potential buyers, then consider home staging. Home staging is a method of arranging your home to make it look more appealing to the eye. While you might love your home as-is, buyers may see a cluttered family home without much hope. Staging helps the buyer see the home in the best possible light, netting you the great sale.

Start with your basic living spaces. Arrange furniture in groupings, rather than pushed up against the wall. Remove any unnecessary furniture to minimize the clutter in the room. Make sure that the accessories that you have in the room are neutral and complimentary.

Buyers always focus on the kitchens and bathrooms in a home. Make sure that the counters are clean and uncluttered. You may want to consider a basket of soaps and guest towels in the bathroom, and make sure all of the towels hanging in the room match. Use lemon oil on your wooden cabinetry to not only make it glow and look like new, but to make it smell great.

Use flowers or plants to further furnish a sparse looking room. They make a room look large and airy, which is impressive to buyer. In general, you want the home to look bright and modern, to smell fresh and above all, to be clean. Then you can be sure you’ve staged you’re your home to perfection.


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