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MovingThe Risks of Lead Paint Removal

September 9, 2019by was73100


Lead based paint is a type of paint that has a heavy metal, better known as lead, mixed into it. The lead is actually used as a pigment to help die the paint the particular desired color. The lead also can help paint dry quicker and last longer than regular paint. It often is known for having a fresh appearance, even years after the original application process. Today lead paint is usually found in foreign countries or in older properties that were painted before new regulations were established. In America, lead paint is sometimes used to paint on the roadways. It is often also used by the military. Because it can be a dangerous substance to have in your home, if your home currently has lead based paint, it is wise to look into lead paint removal.

One of the most important factors of wanting to look into lead paint removal is because it can be especially damaging to young children. If a child’s body is still developing it risks permanent damage if it is exposed to lead based paint. These damages can include anything from damage to a child’s nervous system, to stunted growth, and slow development of the mind and physical body. At times it can even cause damage in a person’s kidneys. However, children are not the only people at risk when it comes to lead based paint. In fact, adults can even have reproductive problems if they are exposed to lead based paint. This can occur in women as well as in men.

One of the main ways that children are exposed to lead based paint is during the remodel process. If you happen to be remodeling your home and a piece of paint chips of the wall and lands on the ground, several children will put it in their mouth without thinking twice about it. Most children are poisoned by lead based paint due to hand-to-mouth contact with the paint chips. With so much risk being present, lead paint removal seems to be a high priority on several American’s to do list.


Source by Colten Koch

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