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MovingThings to Consider When Selling a Home

November 4, 2018by was73100

Whether you are entering the real estate market by choice or by chance, there are a few things you should consider when selling your home. The three we will discuss will be timing, price, and staging.

It is a fact that most homes sell during the late spring and early summer months. Families with children desire to get settled into their new home and allow the children the chance to get acquainted with a few classmates before the school year starts. Thus, you will want to have your home available for sale around the end of March, give or take a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that if your buyer wishes to take possession of the house before the end of the school year, you might want to have a backup plan for keeping your children in their school during this transition. It typically takes about six weeks for a property to transfer, so unless you find a buyer in the first couple of weeks that your home is on the market, your timing will probably be such that you will be able to move during the summer months.

When considering how to price your home, be careful to be objective. Although you kept your childs growth chart on the back of the basement door, and your oldest just got married in the backyard under the trellis that her grandpa built for the occasion, your buyers have no such sentimental ties to this property. Find out what homes have recently sold for in your neighborhood. Compare your home to other properties in the area. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you have? Has your kitchen been recently updated or do you still have the Harvest Gold appliances that were popular in 1953? You will want to give yourself room to negotiate, but keep the price in line with comparable properties in your area.

Staging refers to how the home shows. Again, take an objective look around. Remove family photos that identify it as “your” home. Allow potential buyers the chance to picture themselves living there with their own family. Clean up clutter and organize drawers. Buyers will scrutinize cabinets and closets for easy storage options. Make it appear as though organization is simple and takes no effort at all.

Once you have considered these three important things when selling your home, stand back and consider whether you would buy it yourself.


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