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MovingToxic Cleaning Chemicals Vs Safe Alternatives

December 26, 2018by was73100

Don’t sacrifice your health over having a clean house. The indoor air quality of your home is vital to your health and well-being. Having your health run down by the barrage of daily indoor cleaning toxins is not only counter-productive but can pose some health risks, leaving you feeling sick and tired.

Of all the rooms in your house, your bathroom is the smallest and most used. Not everyone who uses your bathroom is willing to clean it. Because of this the bathroom is the hardest room to keep clean. The small spaces where most the dirt and grime accumulates are hard to reach and quite often resistant to being cleaned with simple soap and water. So you bring out the arsenal, yes, I said arsenal, like as in warfare! You see images of warfare in many cleaning product commercials. Scrubbing bubbles roving around like little tanks destroying dirt and grime. Is it chemical warfare? Or is it friendly fire?

Most modern synthetic cleaning products on the market today use toxic chemicals that range from caustic sodas, ammonia, chlorine bleach and other irritants that can burn the skin and lungs when using them in the close space environment of a small bathroom. Although these chemicals are chosen for their effective cleaning abilities, many cleaning product manufacturers choose them for their cost effectiveness not keeping in mind the safety and or long term health of the end-user.

Many age-old formulas using natural ingredients that were passed down through the generations prove to be safe alternatives to those nasty, unhealthy chemicals. Going back to these naturally derived ingredients is a great way to create effective cleaning products that don’t pollute our indoor environment, leaving our homes safer for us, our children and our pets. Non-toxic cleaning can give you a warm feeling of gratification not only for nature, but our industrious ancestors who had the insight and fortitude to utilize nature’s greatest gifts, natural ingredients like, tea tree oil, white distilled vinegar, baking soda, citric acid, and many aromatic essential oils from herbs and spices such as thyme, lavender, cinnamon and mint.

Now, many of the large chemical manufacturers of cleaning products have jumped on the bandwagon in using these environmentally sensitive and all natural ingredients just for their market share of the new trend to be more environmentally responsible. Knowing this, can you really trust that their concerns are for the health and well-being of the end-user and the environment, while they’re still using toxic chemicals in their standard products?

We call this green washing. Don’t get green washed. Choose to purchase products from companies that specialize in natural cleaning products from their inception, ones of which you know their history. Ask yourself, does their mission statement match their track record and origin as a company? Or are they reinventing themselves?

Source by Casey Hill

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