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MovingTwo Simple Tips To Improve The Air Quality In Our Homes

December 24, 2018by was73100

How can you tell if something is really clean. Well, it depends on what you are talking about. It is easy to tell if our clothes are clean, if the floor of the house is freshly washed or if your child’s bedroom is neat and tidy, but how can you tell if the air in your home is clean? And does it really matter? Air pollution can reach into our home easily. Dust, ash from the fireplace and dirt brought in from the street are just some of the sources of air pollution at home. The quality of the air in our homes is of importance because poor indoor air quality has bern shown to be a major contributory factor in a number of allergies among both children and adults, ranging from asthma and respiratory complaints, to skin conditions such as eczema.

But with a little care and attention this can be dealt with easily and we can all enjoy fresher cleaner air at home. In simple terms, you just need to filter the air inside your home. For example, if you want to enjoy cleaner air at home, one straightforward way of achieving with this is to use an old-fashioned tip, one that our grannies would recognise, namely the use of indoor plants. Pot plants can clean the air in the home by naturally removing toxins, allowing us to breathe cleaner air at home. In simple terms, we humans need oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, leaving us with cleaner air.

Another simple way to improve the quality of the air in our homes is to use natural wax candles. Now this suggestion may seem a little strange at first, especially since there has been quite a lot of controversy lately about the harmful effects burning scented candles at home can have on our health. However the candles which have been implicated in these health scares are the cheap, factory produced scented candles which are in the main made with paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum and has been shown to emit harmful toxic compounds, especially when lit in a confined space indoors. If you use them at all, make sure you do so in a well ventilated room. So, we are not advocating using cheap paraffin wax candles, the kind that you see everywhere from the local shops to the supermarket and even at the local petrol station. These candles retail for a few pounds or dollars and their low price is a sure sign of the poor quality of ingredient which have gone into their formulation. However, lighting candles made from natural materials, like soy wax or beeswax, does not come with the same heath issues. Indeed, scientific study has shown that beeswax candles, far from causing indoor pollution, can actually act as a natural air purifier because it ionises the air when the candles burn. These natural wax candles are generally made by the luxury end of the home fragrance market, by companies such as True Grace candles and Yankee candles. Seek these good quality candles out, enjoy them freely at home and you will be pleasantly surprised by the way in which they improve the atmosphere indoors. And not only that, if you choose luxury natural scented candles which are made with authentic essential plant oils you will also receive the therapeutic benefits that plants like jasmine and sage, to name but two, have to offer!

Source by Alex Muir

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