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October 8, 2018by was73100

So you are getting married and already one of the big questions (well right after will you marry me) is where to have the big day.

Objective number one: finding the reception location.

Your wedding date is official and your save the date is in your diary, ready to order the invitations.

But before the printer can be called, you have to find your dream location. You will need to be rigorous, set a budget and be patient before you splurge on your site.

Unless you fell in love with that country mansion when you were last in the countryside or your neighbours farm, you will need to visit several locations several times. Once you have agreed on the area, the number of guests and the style, armed with a notepad and a pen, you should call ahead and ask the right questions. This will save you loads of time and travel!

If you choose it in the countryside and consider getting married during the week, like a Friday, you could save a lot of money.

A mansion with character for your reception?

For small budget, consider a mansion with a lot of character instead of a castle.

Cheaper than a castle, the mansion has many advantages. A little removed from the world, it often offers a sumptuous interior decor and beautifully tended gardens.Whether you opted for a mansion, an abbey, a mill or a guest house, open your eyes and enjoy!

Consider a dedicated space for children

When small children are part of the party, dedicate a space for them. It will allow parents some breathing space. In the countryside, green pastures and improvised playground will suffice. Indoors, arrange a small room and invest in some games.

If amongst your guests, you count at least twenty children, you will have to find a (cheap) way to entertain and occupy them. So that, they can too, have a wonderful memory of your day. In a garden, arrange sand….. and several games that they can use according to their respective age. If everything is indoor, dedicate a space in the main room or another smaller room if there is one. Allow parents to bring one game per child on top of a little personal investment…

An outdoor party is chic!

Sunny days are coming, what do you think of celebrating your big day outside? In your family home garden, on a restaurant terrace or on golden sand beach. After the cocktail, guests can stay, wear a warm shawl and enjoy a night under the stars. If you have opted for a cocktail lunch in the shade of the willow, your guests will be surprised but delighted to enjoy the green surroundings. Rent for the occasion garden furniture, arbors and tent, in…


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