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MovingWhat It’s Really Like to Live in France

August 30, 2019by was73100


France has long been many people’s dream location. Famous for its cuisine, wines, history, and culture, the French lifestyle has so much to offer anyone wishing to escape the rat race and live a quieter life. With the economy the way it is, it is now perhaps one of the best times to move, the euro is down, house prices in France have dropped between 30 – 50% in the past couple of years, and there are many charming properties to be snapped up. This could make your removals to France so much easier, as you can use a removal company to do the job for you with the potential savings made on your new property.

France is one of the most unique countries in Europe, indeed it is the largest geographically speaking, and the climate, landscape, and architecture vary greatly throughout the entire country. So, before you start house hunting, it’s best to write down what you hope to get out of your new French adventure. Write down what you would like to be near (maybe near a major city, or within driving distance to Paris for example). Think about the climate, whether you are happy to see a lot of rain (Normandy), or if you wish to experience more sun (Provence), or if you desire a mild climate (Loire Valley). Then consider activities you want to do, whether researching history, experiencing a more traditional France (village life etc), or if you are more adventurous and enjoy more extreme sports (skiing, bungee jumping).

You can already see, there is so much to do and explore in France, and this is really before experiencing the real, every day life of the country. Getting up each morning, and walking to the bakers, and purchasing baguettes each morning (this really does still happen). Or cultivating some of your land and setting up your own home produce to grow fruits and veg. Or even if you simply wish to buy an old house in need of restoration, and tackle challenges provided by that.

However, despite this new lifestyle you can have, you also need to consider finances. You still need to live, and if you will eventually have to rely on going out to work, you need to prepare yourself well, and learn to speak fluent French before searching for work. It will be very difficult to find work without it. And also, don’t think that by being in France, you will automatically learn the language, because that won’t happen without time and effort. This is one of the considerations many people gloss over when making the move to France, but it cannot be underestimated. You need to prepare well, otherwise your French dream could turn into a nightmare. Preparation is everything.

But if you take that advice on board and plan well, there is no reason that your life cannot be a success, and your days filled with so many things to do and explore.


Source by Todd Mohl

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