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MovingWhat Makes It Your DREAM House?

January 21, 2019by was73100

Owning a home, of our own, is, often, considered, one of the key, essential components, of the American Dream. However, it is wise, to know, yourself, your needs, goals, priorities, financial capabilities, present and future purposes and intentions, etc, in order to ensure, this is a positive, wonderful experience, rather than a recurring nightmare! Each of us, have individual differences, preferences, objectives, and economic/ financial considerations and capabilities. Since this is so essential, to happy ownership, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, discuss, and examine, using the mnemonic approach, some of what, might make a particular house, your DREAM home.

1. Determine; decide; delve deeply; dreams: Before beginning your quest, and/ or search, carefully, review, and determine, what are the most essential parts of your dreams of owning a house, of your own, and deciding, why you want to do so. Don’t minimize your efforts, and what you, personally, are seeking, but, rather, take the time, and make the effort, to delve deeply, and thoroughly, into, both, your present needs, and how, your future, will be, served, living in a specific residence!

2. Relevant; reliable; reside: It’s only right, for you, if your decision, is, truly, relevant, to your personal needs, and desires! Don’t be hasty, but look for a house, which, is reliable, in terms of providing, the environment you seek and desire! Evaluate as many factors, as possible, to ensure, you choose, the house, you wish to reside, in!

3. Environment; energy consideration; enrich: What will make this living environment, the right one, for you? Will it serve, to positively, enrich your life, both now, and into the future? Consider carefully, considerations regarding the energy – efficiency of the particular house, so, it does not become an excessive burden, and/ or stress. We are happiest, when we enjoy, where we lives, and feel it enriches, our experiences!

4. Area; affordable; access; appliances; attitude: Look closely at the area, where the house, is located, and, whether it provides quality access, to items, such as, certain services, convenient transportation, quality school system, safety, etc. Are the present appliances, those, which will best serve your needs, or will you need to replace them, soon? Can you afford this house, including mortgage interest and principal, real estate taxes, utilities, and other costs, associated, with home ownership? Is it affordable, for you, and will you be comfortable, with these?

5. Motivating; mortgage; maintenance; morale: You’ll only be happy, when living somewhere motivates you, in a positive, morale – building way! Can you qualify for, and feel comfortable with the needed mortgage? Will you create reserves, and prepare for the associated costs, of maintaining this home?

Delve deeply, to ensure your DREAM home, does not become, a living, nightmare! The more prepared one is, the happier, he will be, in the long – term!

Source by Richard Brody

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