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MovingWhat to Look For in a Good Facility Management Company

October 16, 2018by was73100

Facility Management or property management is the key to keeping any facility running smoothly. A management team of this nature is in charge of the maintenance and care of commercial and institutional buildings like schools, sports areas, office complexes, hotels, resorts and residential complexes. They help to keep the electric power, lighting, and plumbing, air conditioning and heating among many other things running without a hitch.

Property Management and Facility Management

Property management and facility management are very similar with slight differences. In addition to handling the above mentioned things the property management also handles leasing and marketing activities. With facility management involves waste removal, hygiene maintenance, maintenance of mechanical systems (elevator, HVAC etc.); they must also comply with OSHA requirements for health and precaution rules and regulations. The management team has an operational and strategic role in the facility.

Software Management Assistance

There are many packages available on the market today that assist these companies with their management duties. The software offers detailed reports of assets, schematics ad drawings of every aspect of the facility. The safety routes are visible on through one application, exit routes, utility locations. This software can track work orders, equipment and project details, as well as employee tasks, and wage and work hours, and give reports of everything from landscaping projects to vehicle location in the parking facilities.

What to Look for in a Good Management Company

A good Facility Management company will have a large and impeccable experienced staff, customer service, maintenance and sales. They should provide some type of landscaping services. They should have a program that promotes a green, eco-friendly practice. They should provide cost effective design solutions, as well as prepare cost estimates and budgets. A good will also prepare scheduling ad updates and comply with facility standards. A reputable company will keep the client abreast of all aspects of a project, and follow up details. The company should provide conflict resolution between clients, contract maintenance staff, and parking staff.

A well respected company will also be responsible for routine maintenance of buildings, grounds and vehicles. A quick response to emergency situations and procedures must be a part of their basic makeup.


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