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MovingWho Wants to Live in a New House Every Single Year?

November 28, 2018by was73100

Who doesn’t?

A new house might be great and beautiful to live in. Yet, just like your face or body, the beauty might disappear if you don’t take care of it in the right way.

Let me tell you some secrets to help you get a new house every now and then:

o Daily

You have this wonderful home. Yet, you don’t like cleaning up. That way, do you think your house would be as wonderful? No. It will look ugly even you wish you live somewhere else.

Mop and sweep. Do you daily dusting. If you live far from the main street, you’re lucky because you only need once a day to dust the house. But, if you live right in front of the main street, you’d better do it at least twice a day.

o Weekly

Even if you have dusted your house every single day, you’d better do some clean up every week. Vacuuming and scrubbing are all you need to do. Use your vacuum cleaner to dust the corners. Reach those places unable to reach by your mop or broom. If the dust solidifies, use a polisher machine.

o Monthly

Now, your target is the rug, mattress, and floor.

You can clean up your rug by brushing it manually or try wet vacuuming. Or, you can apply your polisher machine. Use the foam generator to mix water and special shampoo then apply it on your rug.

For less bright floor, also try your polisher machine. That way, you will have band new bright floor.

o Annually

Christmas or New Year can be the reason why you should ‘get a new house.’ No, no need to buy one. Instead, clean the whole house up. Paint the walls. Change the wallpapers. Get your house a brand new look.

So, a new house is not too expensive, is it?


Source by David W Richards

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