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MovingWindow Washing Made Easy – Top 5 Tips To Effectively Clean Your Windows

December 12, 2018by was73100

Are your windows too dirty? Do you think it’s about time to clean them up a bit? If the answer is yes, I am glad to tell you that there are a few tips which not even the professionals talk about. Window cleaning is not really hard although most of us want to stay away from this part when we are cleaning the house. Given the right conditions, you can easily finish with the windows and enjoy the rest of day just appreciating them.

1- A good recipe for window cleaning solution is not the one found in stores but the one you do at home. All you need is two cups of water where you add some vinegar and just half a teaspoon of dish washing liquid. Some even use ammonia or lemon juice and each recipe is great for window cleaning. Just put the content in an empty spray bottle and start washing.

2- As some consider that the outside is more difficult to clean, others have difficulties when cleaning windows on the inside. When you are at a low level or you live at a house, it is very easy to wash the outside part of the windows by simply using a latter or even a hose. When you are inside, you have to make room around all the furniture and also make sure you don’t leave a mess. Some rags placed on the bottom of the window should help absorb all the excess water.

3- The outside of a high level building is usually the hardest to clean. To make things easier as you continue with the window cleaning, you can always buy a special squeegee that comes complete with a long stick to reach those outside spots. This is probably best than risking your life sitting on the ledge just to wash a window.

4- Speaking of rags, these can also be used to clean the window itself. Just spray with the solution and start window cleaning. Some say that it is best to make continuous circles and move around the window until the whole surface is cleaned. This is of course if you don’t have a squeegee. If that is the case, you can just start from the top and move your way down and from left to right.

5- To make things even easier, you can always try to buy special substances but these are expensive so it is up to you if you want to use the simple dish washing recipe or the professional brand substances. The results are not much apart but some may prove to be more efficient against stains that may seem hard to remove.

Window cleaning is now much easier if you choose to follow the tips that will not only save you money but also save you time.


Source by Nathan Bowman

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