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MovingWinners Don't Do Different Things, They Do Things Differently

November 10, 2018by was73100

Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently – a famous saying by Shiv Khera. First of all let me ask you – What did ‘the father of the nation’ – Mahatma Gandhi do which 100s of other people could not do? What did Dhyan Chand do which other players were not able to do? Or what did Alexander the Great do which the other kings were not able to do? Nothing, nothing so great! They only added some mirch and masala to their techniques and style.

Life is like a 10 speed bicycle; the only thing is that we don’t use gears. To go from excellence to greatness we need consistency and this comes by exercising will power. Thomas Alva Edison failed approximately 10,000 times before he finally invented the light bulb. He did not give up; he was there at the right time, still struggling when his fate changed. And he was a winner.

When we build a house we create an exact blue print of it. The winners do the same thing with their life.

Winners are gracious. They never brag about themselves. They respect and appreciate their team mates and their opponents. Many people know how to be successful but only the winners know how to handle it.

Winning is basically about how we can turn adverse situations in our favor. A winner is always part of the answer and he says, “It may be difficult, but it is possible.” Whereas a loser is always part of the question and says, “It may be possible, but it is too difficult.” And this set them apart. Winners compete against themselves. They better their own record and keep improving constantly. Winners have that distinct quality that most people, for the lack of a better word call – excellence.


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